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Oh Dam... Or Is It Damn

I remember taking trips as a little tike, to visit the Friant Dam. You can imagine to a seven or eight year old, a structure such as this was amazing. My memory yields these black and white images of an old Buick, Bugle Boy pants, and flannel, oh and my dad telling me not to venture too close to the fence.

Much like everything else in life, time has moved forward and I've not been anywhere close to the edge of any fence since my younger days; let's be real, my people die first in most movies. Also to be fair, IF I were to go over the edge, my folks would want to know how I really died, "My child is not that stupid, HOW DID HE DIE?".

A few weeks ago, I found myself restless and in need of a drive so I jumped in my trusty Prius and took a drive up the hill to see what I could find that would be worthy of a capture. To be honest, there wasn't much of anything, I saw at first, but there was a road which led me to an abandoned building. I captured a few shots of the building and decided to do a little walking around to see what I could discover; it felt like I was seven or eight again, I was jumping off of things and throwing rocks as far as my arm could throw them, and then I came around the backside of the building to find this view.

I've mentioned it before that I have an overactive imagination so of course I imagined a dinosaur popping up and looking at me puzzled as to why I was throwing rocks into the water and disturbing its peace. After the realization hit me that I was the only one on the back side of the park, I quickly shaped up and started to observe my surroundings due to the fact I wasn't in Kansas anymore and I also didn't have a dog.

There was a trail which took you closer to the water and of course I wanted to be a little closer since I had nothing else to do right, I mean, African guy, alone in a dinosaur park, what can go wrong.

As I fired off a few pictures, I sat back and saw it... I was on the other side of the fence! My childish exploits of rock throwing and jumping around made me miss the fact that was looking at the dam in all of its splendor some thirty five years later and I was like left saying, "Damn".

I sat here for another twenty or so minutes taking in the beauty all around me and reminiscing of days gone by. These are the moments I wish I could share with someone, the moments of "Oh wow..."

Oh well, I suppose this is why I travel with a camera it allows me to share it with hundreds of someones. Thank you for making it this far.

Damn, time is moving!

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