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Okay Jerry, I See You...

I've had a running battle with two of my college buddies for over twenty years, as to which of us is truly the dad out of the group. To be fair, I'm the eldest so by default I hold the title but we've come to the point where age has been thrown out the window and pure wit is what earns this prize.

For years, I held this title without even blinking however within the last two years, I've felt both of my sons rising up against dear ol' dad in some orchestrated shift of power plot, a how do you say coup de dad dat. The ring leader out of the two is my buddy Ben and he has been plotting this move since '97 when I made the mistake of making fun of him during a recorded dunk court event, which went viral on the campus of Fresno State University.

All of this feels as though we could make a movie out of our lives but I thought I'd placed the boys to bed with comments I made towards both sons, Ben and Jeff, at the end of my book Letters To Flor; yes, it's available on Amazon and yes, it's under Nemi Mayu (shameless plug).

Well, as fate would have it, I was minding my own business, last week, when I received the text message below from Ben: (sloooowly blinking still)

Yes, that's Jerry Springer and yes Ben is officially up in 2021, which leads me to remember that revenge is a dish best served either hot or cold. I'll take my loss and rethink my next moves, I'm obviously playing with a guy who is ready to take this to another level!

IF your tribe aren't inspiring you, challenging you to grow, or helping you to laugh... You might be wasting your time.

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