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Out Of This World...

I suppose there are a few questions to answer but I'll get to those questions and answers later, if I'm allowed a later. You know what, come to think of it this Rona has taught me so much with the span of two months.

The first lesson is that patience is in fact a virtue. There has been a bit of change within my personal life and work life too and I've approached it all with a sense of peace which I haven't had in who knows how long. The rigors of working long days and weird hours at night have opened my heart and mind up a bit; it's less talking and more observing what makes me tick. Now, as to the personal side of things, I've learned it's okay to... to not know exactly where life is taking me.

The second lesson is loving myself and doing so to the good and bad sides of me. The Rona has messed with so many people's minds and emotions and I'm over here like, "I'm not trippin one bit, I was already living this isolation life with people around me". Years ago, being isolated from "people" would have driven me nuts but now I'm in such a zone, I know it's okay to be alone.

When I was attending school in NYC, I used to sit in a bus terminal of sorts and wait for my uncle to arrive and take me back to his home. There were some days I would sit for hours and observe all of the movements around me, whether that be students, faculty, vehicles, or snow flakes slowly falling from the sky. Each of the things described had a purpose, with their purpose being they captured my attention and allowed me to not focus on how miserable I truly felt being alone; you can see how life has come full circle within a paragraph.

I've deactivated Instagram and activated my mind, I've connected with friends who are moving in the same direction I'm heading and I've limited my interactions with many others. In the end, I've picked up a few tricks along the when it comes to my artistry; all I want to do is leave a little mark upon the hearts of those whom I interact with.

Last year, I captured a picture of my friend within an alley and thought I would use said image for a book or something. As fate would have it, I was in one of my think outside of the box modes when I started editing the picture and noticed that it felt out of this world (see I delivered that like a line within a movie). My camera has kept me company through all of this Rona noise and my editing skills have changed a bit as well, hopefully for the best.

While too many are complaining about 2020, I'm thankful so far because I've learned a bit more about myself and I hope the same can be said for many of you too. Yes, there are needs for human connection, touch, laughter, community, but there is also a need for you to find yourself through all of the bs, all of the noise.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box, love outside of this world, and shoot for the stars.

Peace and light, y'all...

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