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Parking Lot...

It seems as though it has been some time since I've had deep conversations about life and the various nuances which come along with it. As I sat in a kitchen, filled with some of my favorite people on this damn planet, listening and watching how carefully constructed thoughts were being pieced together and shared amongst the group, my heart and soul were full because this is what I'd longed for, for far too long, great conversation.

My brother Antonio, aka Tony, aka Mustache T, aka This Guy, is always telling me that this world is set for something drastic to occur sooner rather than later. His take on so much which happens around us is typically spot on, when all is said and done. We are those two old guys who will one day be sitting at the coffee shop talking about memorable sporting moments, crazy people we know, or that one time when we walked three miles in the 107 degree heat.

The thirst I have for conversation, good conversation is something I'm unsure I can describe to you. In a world filled with far too much garbage, we're left to sift through the little nuggets of truth which exist. The truth is we only have so much time, so much time to reflect, inspire, and grow.

Tonight, I feel a bit empty, I feel a bit lost, but I know that this too shall pass. If possible I wish that we could hit undo on this year in order for us to another life email. I've never feared life instead I feel as though I've embraced each day as it comes never thinking too much about the future. There are people who have their retirements saved down to the last penny, their lives planned for the kids, houses, cars, and dogs; I'm out here hoping I can make it across the parking lot without getting pooped on by the birds.

I believe there's an analogy lurking around in here somewhere, "Life is like a giant parking lot which we have to eventually cross, the trick is not getting pooped on along the way". I dislike birds, to be fair, I dislike poop too as both are messy and scary.

We each have a chance to do something special, be something special; just make sure to make it across that parking lot which we call life. As I sit here fighting a tear or two, I'm reminded that this is forever fleeting, the moments, the people, the memories, the smiles, and the pain.

Embrace the now, we don't know what later might hold.

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