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It's interesting isn't it, you know what we focus on and all. I don't know when it started for me, the paying attention to details, stories, bits of information shared by others. I'm sort of at the point now, when I can tell what the truth sounds like or doesn't sound like when dealing with people. I have a funny nose too, so maybe I'm more Scooby Doo than anything else.

At times it takes weeks, sometimes months, to place things together but rest assured once in a place, I tend to remember the patterns which led to the conclusion.

Today, I found myself needing to spark some sort of creative juices within my life. This morning I was on two conference calls, a few client calls, and a host of emails to scroll through; I noticed my energy was off and I needed to remove myself from the pattern I was in, at the time.

The outdoors were calling me to put on my running shoes, t-shirt, and sweats in order to take a jog and feel the sun soak into my skin. My two mile job/walk turned into me noticing the beauty which the day held and also realizing that I'm not completely alone within this thing called life.

You see, there were others out and about who were attempting to break their patterns of isolation too. I was greeted with head-nods, smiles, and group of young adults not giving a flying freak about anything going on in the world.

My walk back home was reflective, I was focused on what was next for the day; my pattern had changed, briefly, with a little air and sweat. It's funny how being active can help to get so many things moving. I guess Ryan Holiday was right when he said, "The one thing you can't escape in your life is yourself" and "Those who think they will find solutions to all their problems by traveling far from home, perhaps as they stare at the Colosseum or some enormous moss-covered statue of Buddha, Emerson said 'Are bringing ruins to ruins. Wherever they go, whatever they do, their sad self comes along'". - Stillness Is The Key

How am I so astute at finding the patterns in places other than my life; perhaps this is something that is prevalent with the entire human race?

I photographed the picture below, today, after my last run to the office was made, emails were sent, and calls had been completed. There's no telling how many times I've driven this stretch of road, skated on the sidewalks, or stood within the street, attempting to capture something new.

My pattern today was simple, take a breath and try something new with your camera, a new setting perhaps or new point of view. The view you're seeing is from little old me and I'm focused on the lines leading me forward, not backwards.

I don't know who needs to read this, "Love yourself first and foremost before you try to love someone else, respect your time, your thoughts, feelings, and sense of adventure. Be alert to your patterns but most importantly to the patterns of others".

I call the picture below, Stay Focused; I hope you do the same.

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