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Photo Guy…

When it comes to sticking one's chest out and saying, "I'm the best at..." you'll always find me in the shadows or back of the room.

In the town that I live in, there are too many people who carry the mantle of being "the best". Some people let you know how good they are and others, well there are the others.

I have friends who know that I shoot well but choose to use other people's services. It's almost like being a docto, watching friends and family go to the team trainer for help.

Maybe if I were flashier, louder, taller... If I had a rabbit in a hat, with a bat, and a '64 Impala. Yes, I quoted Young MC lyrics at 1:45a. My job here is done.

A friend of mine mentioned her wedding pics not being all that she wanted and I looked through some and thought that I could've made some of the same basic mistakes as the photographer.

The one person you don't want to upset is the bride! Lawd knows, a scorned bride could sink your referral stream. Thank goodness, I've yet to deal with a... Lemme hold the statement that almost recklessly flew from my memory, to my fingers, and to this space.

I've dealt with unappreciative people and it's amazing when it happens. Like, I'm not gouging you in price but you're trying to hit me with pettiness? Child please...

Confessions of a Photographer would be such an amazing podcast. To be honest with you, I've kept a running list of people I'd never work with, again; if you think it's you, you're probably right.

I can edit a lot of things but I can't fix attitude, well I can given if I'm asking for said attitude when it comes to scene. "Give me some attitude... Okay, don't smile when you do that"

Back to my friend. I get requests from time to time, asking if I can touch up a thing or two in certain pictures. I'm not an expert editor, I just edit things in a manner that I figure everyone would like.

(Before) - Not my picture, fyi

(After) - still not my picture 💀 BUT THE EDIT THO 🥸

"Mic check, mic check... We'd like to thank the photo guy in the back for being him. You know who you are".

Me: (seventh Deviled Egg in 😳) I hope they don't call me by name

The moral to the story is, get yourselves a shooter or two in your camp. My friends said, "After all these years, now, we can print this one picture".

And this is why I shoot quietly 🙏🏻

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