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Sandwich, Fruit, or Sneezes

After seven months or so, I find myself back in the friendly skies. The one thing I long for is adventure, wait, the one thing I long for is passport stamps. Yes, I'm still a kid in many ways, I like stickers, Cracker Jacks, and the idea of playing with Transformers or GI Joe figurines. My next house will come with toys, if my wife will allow me to have them of course; life is give and take, I hope she gives me a green light, so I can take one final swoop at being the coolest uncle on the planet 😀 . "Babe, the nieces and nephews need these toys as much as I do". Why the heck am I preparing my excuse, though?

Now back to the friendly skies. I was knocked out, a la Manny Pack-E-Ow versus Marquez, my neck in an uncomfortable position, hands asleep, sitting upright due to a 6'6, 380Ibs bear of a man behind me! The voice that woke me has a Bostonian accent to it, "Sandwich, fruit, or..." I added the sneezes because of the guy who conveniently found his way over my seat in order to release a barrage of face particles in the air. C'mon, fam, double face masked or not, I do not have time to catch whatever it is this guy is spreading. It amazes me how unhygienic people can be, it really doesn't surprise me, a lot of people go through life unaware of their shortcomings. He stood here disheveled, uncouth, and lost in the dark of the plane.

To be fair, all I wanted was this damn fruit being offered by the flight attendant. Perhaps I should fly more, because this is the only time I eat three meals 🍽️ . After receiving the fruit, I should have gone with the sandwich, whatever it was, because I'm unsure how I'm supposed to eat a frozen banana.

We've been in the air for seven hours and still have another seven and change to go. Dear Lort, please keep your boy patient, alert, and fed over the course of the next week. This is my "biggest trip", distance wise, and I'm looking at Dubai off in the distance of this flight map tracker deal 👀 .

I want travel, I want to say something to this man whose neck pillow just smacked me upside my head, without an apology from him; Lawwwwwd have merty, I'm not sure how people are so unaware of their actions. Where was I, where was I... Oh right, I want travel, I want Indian food, chai, kurta pajamas, amazing colors at my little brother's wedding, and my first passport stamp for India.

Maybe, I'll ask the stewardess for a sandwich, I feel that will make up for a few things. Who would have thought that I would be on my way to India to adventure, "Look at me, who would've thought, NOT ME" almost grown up and stuff.

I need a drink... (this is a family blog, I'm grabbin' an adult water, with Vodka)

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