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Saved By Grace...

Recently, I took a quick trip to visit my buddy and his family. The way all of my adventures have lined up over the last few months have been random, I'm no more a planner today as I was say back in February. This summer was supposed to be the summer of all summers with trips booked to Europe, three separate trips actually with the final trip being the European Championships which were to be played throughout Europe, with our destinations for games being in Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and Hungary. Obviously, Covid-19 placed a stop to my travel plans but I've managed to still venture a bit around California and other places as well.

My thirst for travel is great and my hunger for what makes people smile and laugh is even greater, given the state our world is in at this time. It feels as though my heart and mind have grown a bit stronger, perhaps I've stepped outside of the box which I'd placed myself in for far too long and now I'm smelling the flowers so to speak and by flowers I mean things stateside as opposed to abroad.

During my brief time here on this planet, I've been blessed to meet so many people, however the little ones are the "people" who always seem to bring me down to their level(s) and not the opposite way; I'm still trying to figure out this adulthood bit.

Recently, I took a trip to visit my buddy and his family up in Northern California, I wasn't planning on staying the entire weekend but I packed my essentials, camera, and drone just in case some photo ops happened to come our way. Yes, I know what you're thinking, how could I go on a trip and not pack something ridiculous to wear, the reality is I threw socks and clean undergarments in my roller JUST in case the paramedics were called/needed.

Typically when I visit my buddy and his family, their little one, tends to act shy and rarely lets her guard down and I attempt to use every trick in the book to get her to just crack a smile or something. I mean with a face like mine, it shouldn't be too hard right (don't answer that jerks)!

I think most good kids can tell when spirits are high or low within someone, it's this superpower which they possess without truly knowing that they have it within their arsenal to use at any time.

The weeks have been long and my emotions have been all over the board, to say the least; people, today, are concerned with all the noise taking place around them and I'm over here moving through life quietly. I'd venture to say that IF it weren't for these blog entries no one would even know I was still around this planet of ours and the thought makes me wonder how important are these words, these stories.

I walked into my buddy's place wondering if I would allow myself to fake it through the day and have my thoughts everywhere but within their household. No sooner had I walked through the door, I was greeted by a little face which I'd seen far too many times, a face which was always so shy but for some reason looking at me so differently.

Any of you out there ever met a pair of eyes which just looked as though they'd been waiting for you? I'm pretty sure I told the little sprite that I had been waiting for her, waiting for the fun stage! I was given a wave and a leg hug out of the blue and that caused me to look at my buddy and gesture like, "Who is this girl now..."

As I sat on the couch, she made her way towards me and pulled herself up and just sat underneath my arm and sort of cozied up to me and I had no option other than to melt a bit. With so much on my mind and heart, I found myself being entertained by a two year old, like legitimately. I'm pretty sure we read a couple of books, had far too many laughs, and shared a whiskey, all of my anxiety was lost within those eyes, that smile.

My buddy and me took a drive in order to capture the sunset and the spot we ended up perching ourselves atop was quiet and still. Life, it's so fragile and quick, one moment you can be wrapped up within a world of loneliness and the next your heart can be filled with peace and love.

The picture below was taken on a Saturday morning, they'd been up for some time and after I got myself together, I moseyed on out to see if there was still magic within the laughter, smiles, and head kisses. She'll never know that her energy kept me pushing through the weekend and into another beautiful evening of adventure which I'll share soon.

The truth is, my weekend was saved by Grace.

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