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I've been lost for a bit (sorry)...

( Seeds 2 )



The moment you were born

Your dreams were thrown into the wind

And time began to run

Fast forward

We’re viewing your crop of dreams

Freshly harvested

As they lay softly in the sun

There are no words which we can retract

There are no words which can be spun

You are a generation which has persevered

And in the end won

History plays to the beat of a familiar drum

Can you hear the familiar hum

Of past seeds who stood up much like you and won

The world has seen battles

It has endured cries

It has moved forward

It has risen to meet all those

Who’ve had their eyes on a prize


The world applauds you

For you’re our greatest prize

The seeds who bore fruit

Never allowing their dreams to die

In the midst of sorrows

In the midst of fears

In the midst of chaos

Countless hearts have stood here

At place of waiting

At a place of peace

At a place where universal sighs could be released

It’s within the past

We find these stories told

The stories of generations

Which endured the cold

Oh, how these warm days

Can tend to feel so cold

For within the fire

Many seek its heat

For within the sound of the trumpets

There were stampeding feet

All moving forward

Towards a common goal

We hear of the seeds planted so long ago

Seeds which once watered

Began to grow

With their roots taking hold

Of the world around them

Alas, these crop of seeds

The ones who’ve began to bear fruit

Beneath the elder trees

Are all looking forward and wondering

What will come of their budding leaves

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