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She Used Glue...

A full year has passed and I find myself still alive which is a miracle in and of itself, for all those who've failed to take note

Every day we awake, it's a miracle

I've been reminded of my star sign and all the powers which come along with it

I'm quirky

I'm stubborn

I'm creative

I'm vindictive

I'm human

I'm loving

I'm me

Over the course of the last year, I've grown

I've grown stronger than the seven and a half years I laid broken, on the floor

I used to wonder if others could see my brokenness, see my core

IF others could see my cloud

Or hear the rain which clanked aloud

Though, I attempted to keep the noise at bay

My internal moisture was unhealthy

Much like my internal pain

I was allowed to rise

And move about my days

As though nothing was wrong

Even when everything was falling apart

And nothing seemed aligned

And peaceful sleep played tricks on my mind

I'm unsure if you've attempted hold on to a rope while it burned the lines

Burned your hands to the degree you wondered why they were still on the vine

You cannot see my hands at this moment

For they are concealed

They are healing

The same can be said of my spirit and mind

Recently, I was informed something seemed different

Afraid of the mirror and what I might find

I asked my friend to please explain

For I couldn't define, what it was they saw at the time

Because I was too afraid to look for myself

Seven and a half years, I lost all feeling of self

We're led to believe that men are the ones who break but do not get broken

Society creates memes and GIFs

IF the shoe fits

One must put it on

IF an argument exists it's him who is wrong

The throngs sings songs of wrongs which were done

In the past now, in the present there's atonement at last

Yes, we've reached a moment

Where we're all broken again

Like glass

I do not wish you ill

I only wish you peace

I do not wish you pain

I only wish you relief

I do wish time wasn't much like a thief

I do not miss you

Because your spirit is like a raging sea

One which vanquished others long before me

Still you rage, unchecked and unrelenting

Your first waves were at a young age

And you were made a slave before you could bathe your soul

For you came from a family of broken seas

Broken promises

And broken dreams

Broken egos

Which would claim too many innocent nights

When quiet cries were drowned by...

A shadow in the light

Within the darkness one has seen my light

Has heard my sobs

And held me tight

Within the darkness one has helped me right some wrongs

Allowed me to play and sing some songs (aloud)

What is love if one does not love themself

It's empty

Much like the wishes we made

While I was lost within your sea

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