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Sleepless Nights...

A week ago or so, I found myself walking through the streets of Wrocław (Vorts-love) Poland. I was looking for something, someone perhaps; it's always hard to explain but I'll do my best. The hardest part is ensuring that this all makes sense; I think this is exactly why so many people struggle.

The adventures which I've found myself on over the years, are never for me alone. Whether I'm sitting atop a ledge and peering out into the vastness of Machu Picchu, whilst scared out of my mind, or walking through churches built in the early 1400's, or helping to lead bar songs in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, on random weekday nights, it's not done for my sole purpose alone.

For the most part, there are connections in this world which we don't always mention yet are strong and always with us. The ability to stand and observe something, knowing all the while you're standing in said place for a reason, is something that happens to me more often than not. My heart and eyes are drawn to what I think you'd like as well. Meaning IF Only we could be at the same place...

There was a time within my photographic journey when I would simply shoot just to shoot. Look, I had camera and my goal was to capture ALL of the images I could within an outing! The caveat to this was I would come back to my computer and find two hundred of the same images, or images that weren't composed correctly, or better still, images that weren't properly thought out when all things were said and done. My feelings would get hurt when the critique was, "Hey, bud, there's really nothing to this image". The problem was I was shooting for me and me alone.

Over the last five to six years, I've learned so much; the biggest piece being that of patience and understanding. As just stated, I'm not just shooting for myself, I'm shooting to add you to the environment/moment. The process that I have, now, is slow and doesn't require one thousand images for a single outing.

Poland was amazing in far too many ways and I cannot wait to visit again, hopefully, within the coming months, I'll find myself wandering the cobblestone roads of various city centers. It's always amazing to feel lonely within a room filled with people or invisible within a sea of humans.

I do not have another hand to hold while abroad which can create many SLEEPLESS NIGHTS. The beauty is having images to share, images which hopefully warm your heart and let you know that you're thought of whilst I aimlessly walk about wherever I am at said moment in time. For it's within these said moments of time stories are made and your presence is felt.

I hope you can see yourself here.

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