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Small Steps...

I have far too many pairs of shoes and I think that's due to not having too many shoes to choose from during my younger years. It's always strange to sit back and take note of what makes us who we are today. I've found that so much of yesterday is sprinkled within my steps, thoughts, and actions. There are so many people who have been broken from years gone by and are still attempting to fix what wasn't their fault(s) to begin with.

Once, I was told by a girl, whom I liked, that I walked funny and for years during our friendship I thought there was something wrong with me, wrong with the way my feet hit the pavement. Maybe I'll write about her one day, you know, let some things off of my fingers that I've held on to for bit; then again, maybe I won't?

Over the course of time, I've perfected my stance, perfected my stride, perfected my walk, and my shoulders aren't slumped as they once were many moons ago. Again, I think I'm slowly coming into my own at the tender age of old (blank emoji stare being used). What's a journey without steps and don't be a smart ass and say, "A road trip..." there are steps to getting from Point A to Point B too.

It has been some time since I looked down at my feet, looked down at my steps, and noticed the direction in which they're pointing. Today, I found myself facing towards the sun, you'll eventually see that picture I'm sure.

If only our past could be the past and allow us to move forward within the present. I for one always believe that it's easier to speak of the positives than it is to grab the negatives and lay them to rest. I'm positive that the most negative outcomes I've faced have been mild in manner as I've been raised, sheltered, within a bubble of too much love.

My failed relationships were due to too many steps being taken backwards without a clear path in sight and I can neither fault myself or those who walked with me in those times. Today, is a new day, I'm wearing new but old shoes which are both comfortable and destined to find their way home.

The road to somewhere started with a few small steps, the road I'm on is no different as well. Thank you for making it this far, I know there were some steps for you to find me, here, waiting for you.

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