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Sprinkle Me...

A few weeks ago, while on assignment for Sony, I was able to capture the image shown. It was my first time venturing downtown at night, well at least this particular location at night, in order to find an image or two.

My fascination with Instagram has waned over the last month or so much like my fascination with Facebook did so many years ago. There are few people whom I enjoy interacting with regularly and the idea of having to be "on" all of the time has turned me "off". I get it Ken, you have 500k followers, 30 comments, and only 1,100 likes, you're definitely cooler than me and an influencer too.

This isn't a bitter post, this is post which will make you smile before it's all said and done. I lied in my opening statement, Sony has great cameras but they'll never have a guy like me out on assignment for them (yet).

Five years ago, I purchased my first DLSR camera, it was brick Canon TI Rebel something or another for $200 from a coworker. I remember being so excited because the camera came with two lenses and my coworker threw in a photography book and album for all of the cool pictures I was set to take over the course of the next few months. Uuuuuh, I think I used that camera for about a month and change before I purchased my first Sony mirrorless camera.

I've learned so much over the course of the last five years and I'm eager to see if I'll continue to be as hungry for adventure five years from now, if I'm allotted more time on this earth.

Instead of caring about a like or comment, I'm fixated on ensuring that the images taken are truly placing a smile on my heart. There are many who will attempt to cry down your good work, whatever that might look like; the funny part is those same people carry zero weight. This is where I am, in the shadows learning a bit about light and darkness, learning a bit about who I am when the world has no clue as to where I am.

The beauty which is uncovered through the lens can be pretty amazing and I'm forever grateful that said beauty is sprinkled on me daily.

I remember when I was told that I'd never really amount to anything and the funny thing is I believed that for far too long, until one day I opened my eyes and heart to the fact I've been provided many gifts.

My share with you is do not give up on yourself because of others, your journey is just starting, make sure to collect as many moments as possible. And by moments, I mean snippets of time learning about what lurks within your darkness and what lurks within your light.

"Sprinkle it..."

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