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Stand Still...

Over the course of the last few months, photography gigs have picked up a bit within my world of point and shoot. It's amazing how far my buddy and I have come along with capturing the moments that so often evade us. The lens has allowed me to see so much of this world and now I'm beginning to see finer parts of the life that I live.

Consumerism or commercialism/consumption lead so many people to constantly seek the newest, latest, often times most expensive items. In the camera world we have bodies which range from $699 - $30,000, some which shoot in 4k and other which have technology that's only fun to regurgitate because no one else knows what the freak is even being shared.

I've been shooting on the same camera bodies for a few years now and I've watched the industry increase in technology and price. For me, the idea of spending $2,000 on a single lens isn't scary, it does cut into a flight around the world when all things are said and done. It's my want to create and share content with all of you in a way that isn't constrictive to my wallet. "You know, I needed to take out an equity line to purchase these lenses in order to share a picture on Instagram" (stap it).

Today, I found myself wondering if I'm doing this all the wrong way, you know dollar cost analysis and all. IF I stacked a few hundred dollars away a month I could purchase... Yeah no.

I know at one person reading this who's thinking, "You bought something didn't you" and the answer is maybe. The thing is, all I'm wanting to do is buy a little more time to capture a smile or two before the sun truly sets.

Me: Move over to your left a little bit, okay a tad to your right... keep your eyes open and STAND STILL (picture that all taking place on a $25 camera body, I picked up for $5).

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