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Sutton Coldfield

I'm not sure if I'll ever be at the point, where the passing of my Uncle David doesn't effect me. The years have passed and I still find little reminders floating around my mind and within my spirit of just how great of a human my uncle was to so many. As I've said so often, "Life..." and when I leave this world, one day, I hope the only thing that is said at my funeral service is, "Life"; the few in attendance can decide if my life was a good one or not.

We're granted one shot at all of this, each day we have a decision to be whatever it is we choose to be and there's so much power within this ability. Today, I failed at being all things to all people, today, I felt the pressure of work a bit and it has been some time since I've felt a bit overwhelmed about anything.

I was attempting to find a song to share with all of you, this evening, probably something more ignorant than loving per se and I stumbled upon this song which was sang at my uncle's funeral service, a song which was sang within an English church, a church which held English voices, voices which held love for a man who lived LIFE.

This was my second trip to England with my father, the first was celebration and the second was so much harder to accept however both were filled with something unique, something promising... HOPE.

And with this, I hope tomorrow is approached better than today, I hope I find patience within myself to place a smile upon my voice and heart.

IF you've made it this far, thank you, I hope the days hold you well.

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