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The Baltic Sea...

I'm not sure how many people within my circle will have a chance to be visit Gdansk, Poland. To be completely fair, I had zero clue where this city was or what it was all about for that matter. All I was told was we were heading to the coast and the city had a barbeque restaurant there, a good one at that supposedly. Look, save those judgy eyes for someone else, I was promised food, lodging, and adult waters!

Now, before I get far along with this story, I was also informed that the trip would take close to five hours by car. This was my first trip to Poland and a five hour car ride didn't seem like a daunting task, given the fact, I had the entire backseat to myself to do what it is that I do best, sing along to songs, take random pictures, and sleep. When I woke up four hours and fifty minutes into the trip, I knew that something had gone incredibly right. I'm joooooooking... I didn't sleep for four hours in the car; I'm unsure if I slept for four hours straight, during our time in Gdansk.

We arrived in Gdansk in the early evening and our main objective for our first night was to find food. If memory serves me correctly, we ate at a Persian restaurant, which was followed by a walk in the light rain. Maybe it's just me but even the rain feels differently when I'm abroad, again, it's probably due to the fact it rarely rains in my city. Either way, here we were at the sea.

The marine air was refreshing and I felt as though this experience was going to be one to remember for some time to come. It's not often that I get to travel to a place where so much history exists.

My sister planned out our days and I have to admit, I was thoroughly impressed with how smoothly everything played out given the fact that she had her husband and brother in tow. Our mornings started with breakfast prepared at the flat, in order to ensure that we were ready to face the day. I’ll eventually write about the sites and adventures we experienced while in Gdansk.

The ONLY request that my sister had was to visit the ocean, well, aside from making sure we are bbq food at some point. For me, I thought cool, we'll go and check out some shops, see the water, and keep it moving, however, the water was more like the ocean and I turned into a little kid who was seeing a beach for the first time.

What I was seeing, moved me to slow down for the rest of my time with my sister and brother in law. It's hard to describe the amount of love my brother in law has for my sister but THE BALTIC SEA showed me that love can be as immense as the sea and beautiful too.

Stay close, I have a few more stories to share.

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