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The Crazy Thing Is...

Updated: May 28, 2020

I've been black from

Day 1

Even within my finest hours

I've been reminded I'm so dark

That I could block out the sun

I used hold my head high

In the hope that my tears wouldn't run low

I used to be reminded by my mother

No one could steal my glow

Within a home which has remained stronger than glue

Our heritage has bounded us to understand

What it is that we must hold on to

A world filled with fears

Of who might appear

At their front door

Who might have eyes on their prize

Or have feelings for a child who isn't so sure

That loving another outside of their color

Won't have them standing alone on the shore

You see

Hating due to color

Isn't a new norm

The Bible teaches of slavery

More so the Jewish

Than that of the African form

My perception

If you ask me

Though I'm newly a slave

Five thousand years behind me

Men were still digging our graves

Blotting out our eyes

Cutting off our tongues

And lighting US ablaze

Not too much has changed

We're merely turning the page

Looking across the world

To se less light and more days of gray


Of black

At this point there's no going back

It's a mooted thought to have any real plan of attack

I rather see your racist face

Than you have you cowardly plant a knife in my back

The truest form of honor is to show your face while you attack


I find it amazing that we can both bruise

I find it puzzling that you somehow seem to confuse

The old rhetoric of hate

As new news

Your color for status

Which will inevitably grant you a different view

I'll sit here quietly but still lend my hands to applaud

Perhaps it is me who is the fraud

I've honored and pledged my allegiance to your name

Fought in your senseless wars

And still never gained

The right to be treated as human

It's almost inhumane

Yet there are men who remain

Plastered on the faces of bills

Passed about through history

The meaning of slave owner isn't something which can be concealed

But still In God We Trust

I sit still in God's mercy

I sit still in God's grace

I sit still in God's promise

That there is a place which is designed for me

A place where no more color and pain will be

Today though, I'm living in hell

The devil is alive and some are finally beginning to tell

There's a stench

An oder

A smell

A thirst for power which...

Which is exactly the blueprint for how a few angels fell

Fell from a place of glory

Fell into a place of gloom

It's interesting that the very thing some detest

Is exactly what has consumed

Even the preachers, the doctors, teachers, and the artists in the room


For now we're on in the same

Even with my final breath

Someone for a hundred years will remember my name

It only took you a few minutes of pressure to extinguish my flame

Scatter a few pictures in the attempts to tarnish my name

But I am human

Returned to the Earth

Returned to dust

The crazy thing is death is coming for all of us...

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