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The Cycle Continues...

I didn't plan on sitting here tonight, attempting to find the right words to say, instead, I thought that I would share stories about my first flight in close to two years. It feels as though I've become a broken record and continue to speak about the fact that life is fleeting and we need to take hold of the moments provided to us.

On Friday, afternoon, early evening, the world lost another amazing human being. Yes, I know people pass regularly and to be fair, not a day goes by or has ever gone by perhaps without the passing of a soul. To sit and think about this is crazy, every day someone dies! Now, the part that bothers me is finality of it all, the fact I'm left feeling as though I should've said more, asked more, or followed through more. The truth is we become selfish thinking about ourselves and our need for closure. In the end what does closure really matter?

I'm not sure what to write tonight, I'm not sure what to share, add, subtract, or divide. Today, I feel as though the clouds have circled and multiplied, I'm just lost within my emotions, within my thoughts. All I can picture are the faces of my buddy's boys, they were his world and he was theirs as well. In his posts he showed affection to his sons, he spoke of patience, strength, leadership, spirituality, and healing from within. For years, I watched this man grow in strength and wisdom. Our conversations allowed me chance to share my thoughts and hear reasoning outside of what was easy.

The world lost a great human being this past weekend, though the truth is the world is losing great humans daily. THE CYCLE CONTINUES...

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