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The Four Horsemen...

I've become resigned to the fact that sometimes you don't choose your squad, your squad chooses you. This holds true for me in a few facets of my life, none being more true than with these dudes who are pictured.

Yesterday, we sat and reminisced about too many things, we also laughed far more than we've done in years past; it was refreshing to put aside all of the bullshit which is taking place around us and simply be within the moment.

Our get together was to social distance and celebrate the birthday of the brother Bobby, aka, The Transporter, aka, Baby Driver, aka, Bobby Stills, aka, Ricky Bobby, aka, Honey Bobby, aka, Robert Downing Beer, aka, Bobby Night Terror, aka, RIP Van Bobby, aka, CVM (Central Valley Mauler). This guy was really attempting to pull a surprise visit on us, ON HIS OWN BIRTHDAY!

IF you look closely, you'll see what appears to be a jar of water on the table, which in reality is a jar of moonshine; I mean the looks on two of the four faces clearly shows who partook of the poison and who were smart enough to Just Say No (thanks Ronnie Reagan Jr). I was attempting to be more Subcomandante Marcos than anything else, also my parents read this these posts from time to time and I don't want to explain the damaging effects moonshine has on your staying coherent abilities. Let's just say, I'm learning that mum and dad are further advanced than they were say ten years ago, when it comes to this technology stuff. I digress.

There are times we sit and hope for coffee and donut buddies who will be around to kick it with us when we're 70yrs of age. I'm thinking that my time will come before I'm subjected to being that old chingon ----> (Look, I'm basically a Spanish professor now)

I'm grateful for the times which we've spent together and I'm hopeful for the times we still have yet to share as a group of budding young men. In the end we'll more than likely never add any new faces because I'm not trying to buy anything greater than a four pack of anything.

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