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The Future...

We don't have much control over what tomorrow holds, let alone what five seconds holds, within our day. So many plan for the next steps in life, they sacrifice everything for a chance to retire quietly into the sunset. What if the sun fails to set?

Tonight, I find myself feeling a way, you know the whole you versus the guy she says don't worry about, type of way. It's always the little things which cause my mind to run and dots to be connected. Perhaps, I missed my calling, in life, to be further advanced instead of writing stories at midnight in an empty house, at midnight.

Earlier today, an acquaintance asked me, "Was there a turning point for you to become happy? I just get the vibe that you chose to be happy and now you just go with it". As I read his words/statement over a few times, I thought about my turning point, I thought about the moment not too long ago when I stood up and chose peace.

I could tell you about my insecurities but I rather not bore you with too many details, instead I'll leave you with Billie E. singing about what I'm chasing THE FUTURE.

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