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The Other Side...

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

As I sit here today, I'm really starting to wonder what's on the other side of this journey that I'm currently on. So often I'm left feeling as though the world is crumbling around me but then I stand up and see things aren't nearly as bad as they could be. Now mind you, nothing is perfect under this sun of ours so I'm unsure as to why I lie to myself daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly as if to think that my star is falling or ship is sinking.

The greatest thing that has happened to me today is the ability to wake up, take a piping hot shower, and put on clean clothes; I still haven't eaten or had enough water but those things are coming soon, I hope. The key to all of this is feeding the hunger.

I'm at the point in life where I'm needing to be aware of what my body is telling me, as I'm no longer considered a young buck. A few weeks ago, I started thinking that my eyesight was off a bit and that caused me to worry a bit. Could this be it, the point where my body starts truly breaking down and the wooden cane is forced to be brought out of retirement but for real purpose as opposed to merely accessorizing (chill, I do not own a sick wooden cane with gold ball on the top of it... any longer)?

The days have pressed on and I've asked various friends if my eyes seemed a bit off or if I looked funny in pictures; to the person they each said, "No, my eyes don't look as funny as my face does", I mean why have enemies when you have folks like this in your corner. Of course none of this sat well with me so I did the unthinkable, I scheduled a visit to the optometrist to see about the vision.

If you know me, you know that I'm not a going to the doctor type of guy, I mean, I've been running around with a hairline fracture in my hand for close to month now and I bitch and moan about the pain on some days yet I do nothing about it. So why care about my eyes?

My eyes are the gateway to my soul, the stories which I write are captured through these two oddly shaped deals on my face. The optometrist was very kind and she told me that at my age, things start shifting slowly, eyesight being one; she said a few things short of calling me old but in the end, I was provided with a prescription and allowed to pick out some frames for every day wear. Man, I'm unsure if I've moved in the right direction or taken a step back in letting age catch up with me; either way, I didn't see it coming (insert drum emoji... Didn't see it, eye trouble).

Before us, laid a stretch of road which gave way to ridiculous views, there was a mountain before us, rangeland on the side of us and Antelope, Antelope which grazed within said rangeland. My eyes were opened for the entire trip but specifically here in attempts to capture something that wasn't as easy as point and shoot with my eyes closed. The key to all of this shooting from the car stuff, for me at least, is learning how to control my breath in order not to get back a blurry picture. I found myself closing my eyes and readjusting my pose, within my chair, so I could fire off special shots during this trip.

It's interesting right, me alluding to controlling my breath and attempting to be still while things are moving around me. The truth is many of us are trapped within worlds which have so much shit flying around, you don't know how to deal with correctly. Breathe, learn to breathe and look past the junk, there's an opening, perhaps a light for some which doesn't look bright now.... but ON THE OTHER SIDE of this bridge you'll find beauty, warmth, and you, I promise because I've somehow managed to make it home.

Keep an eye out for me in my new frames, within the coming weeks.

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