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The Sea and Me...

The truth is, I'm afraid of the ocean, though I've embarked upon a cruise trips between Finland and Switzerland twice, California and Mexico as well. To stand and listen to the crashing of the waves and watch the seagulls floating in the wind, high above me, has always helped time to move in a such a way that I can't fully place into words. I wish I were a stronger swimmer so that I could dive under the tide and emerge on the other side of the break, in a pocket of clear water surrounded by a bit of serenity.

It's interesting isn't it, the fact that we have to make it through rough waters in order to get to the other side, where calm exists; this is both a statement and a question of sorts. I'm not sure if I should jump in or stand still, it's all so confusing at times, this pull towards the idea that there's something on the other side.

I've had the privilege to observe so much in life and this is but another moment. My friends, the few and strong, have held me upright during my quiet storms and they have reminded me that love appears in all different shapes/forms. Some people seek the day to day touches, others place love in actions/things; I've found my heart responding to the stillness of moments, the recalling of how the wind sounded, the mist felt upon my soul, and the sun, moon, and stars radiated.

We as a society throw the word love around far too easily but today I'll use it because I am in love with a few things:

I'm in love with the thought that I don't have too many worries

I'm in love with the way I go to sleep and I wake up (with a smile on my face)

I'm in love with wind, the clouds

I'm in love with the breeze, how it flows through me

I'm in love with the sky

I'm in love with words

I'm in love with laughter

I'm in love with my new kitchen and the sound of excitement on my father's voice when I've told him, I cooked a delicious meal

I'm in love knowing with the mercy and grace shown to me daily

I'm in love with today

I'm in love with this moment

I'm in love with the feeling of knowing I'm loved (by you)

I hope you insert yourselves into this, whether you're on dry ground or by the sea. For me, I hope you rarely read me complain about too much because I've been given so much.

I still get butterflies, even as an adult, maybe one day I'll hold the hands of someone who isn't afraid of the sea, too, that would be possibly the best gift ever. No clue why I just tilted my head back and extended my hands like Oprah slanging gifts on her syndicated show.

Side note, that's my mom in the picture, my pop said she was looking like bait standing there; I'm unsure if he was flirting or making fun of her size, either way she's safe don't worry.

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