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The Truth Is...

The truth is, most people do not want to read any longer, as attention spans are shorter than ever before. The TLDR is rampant within replies and I'm left wondering if my content is important enough to hold the attention of those who visit this blog from time to time.

Now, it's within these moments of uncertainty I tend to find some semblance of peace within the words/stories shared. Yes, we live in a world that is focused on instant information, however, no stories come without a beginning of sorts, a journey.

As the days move closer to next week, I'm finding a few things to be true. The first being that time waits for no person, it's forever moving forward, never backwards. I mean would we really want time to move backwards?

IF I could tell you right now, within this instance, that you could snap your fingers and go back to a point that would change the course of everything you've already been through, would you snap your fingers and place yourself at a new starting point? I'm talking relationships, careers, hair styles, diet, travel, etc.

THE TRUTH IS, I would change only a few things, things which only deal with the heart. I mentioned to my buddy this morning that I was feeling depressed, in reality, I was telling him without telling him, that my heart was a little heavy. Perhaps it's the cold mornings, warm blankets, multiple pillows, and then the silence of no one else to smile at or hold that is weighing on me as of late.

To my buddy's point, my heart is full for others yet a bit empty when it comes to myself. "Do what makes YOU happy, bro", is what he said and there's power within those words. For some time, I've lived within a safe zone because there are parts of my which have been broken along this journey. I know, men, talking about being broken isn't the essence of 'manliness' within this world of ours but it's a reality, I've learned to take ownership of for some time now.

As these days push forward to next week and beyond, I find myself attempting to heal within a myriad of ways. There are steps to loving myself which I've negated for far too long and the person looking back at me, in the mirror, is due some grace. The second thing I'm looking for is simple, it's you, I hope you join me, I hope we fall in love daily; I'm looking for my footing whilst waiting to place my feet within the water and feel the sand.

IF you snap your fingers, perhaps I'll be standing on the shore when you open your eyes.

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