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Lightening Strikes...

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Not too long ago, a buddy of mine led me on an adventure; mum if you're reading this just know I wasn't lying when I said, "I need to call you back I'm at a light-show". I really hope my mum doesn't read this anytime soon.

It's 12:45a and my thoughts are somewhat scattered at the moment, so please forgive me as a piece my words together, this morning.

I'm unsure if I've lost my mojo over the last few days or not, my creative juices have been missing and I'm sort of just sitting around not doing much of anything, aside from making phone calls to the clients within my portfolio. My days need a spark of some sort and perhaps this is it, this imagery, the moment.

As stated previously, I've moved into new home and I've purchased things like groceries, beddings, an oversized bean bag, my first big TV, and not to mention furniture, I went and picked out furniture. Freak, maybe this is my midlife crisis! Actually, my car is simple and I'm not buying Jordans or attempting to use Tinder as a way to "pass time" (no knock to those who hook up through Tinder, I'm barely learning how to FaceTime these days).

The State of California is on fire unlike we've seen in recent years and strange weather phenomenons are taking place throughout the country and the world and we're sitting here as if nothing is wrong. Maybe this, my feelings, are tied to the state of humanity at the moment, chaotic in every aspect of the world.

I wish I had it in me to apologize more to the people who are seeking to obtain some form of reaction from me. IF only I cared enough about all the news, which floods homes and ruins dinners; I just do not have the time or energy to care about so much right now; my want is to capture a few photos and tell a few more stories.

The peace I feel when out and about, with my camera, is pretty interesting as everything tends to slow down. If not for this photography stuff, who knows where I'd be and that's what makes this hobby so much more than point and fire. I wish more people understood the patience required to stand still and wait; I feel like my life has prepared me for so many shots which I've had the opportunity to capture.

In the end, I hope my views cause you to smile a bit, I'm working on bringing you the best ones possible.

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