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The Zone...

Today, I've found myself thinking about how quickly time moves. I'm watching kids grow up and adults grow old, the truth is I'm growing within this timeframe too, though I'm attempting to keep up with my youthful spirit. I had a long conversation with a friend who expressed that I might be outgrowing some friendships and mindsets, in which there is no harm or foul.

My want is simple, it's to be challenged with new thoughts, ideas, experiences, and adventure. I've found a true sense of peace within the last year and a half. It puzzles me to listen or witness how chaos weaves itself in and out of the lives of others. This isn't me judging, as my life was rather chaotic not too long ago and the battles I faced were heavier than anyone knows. There is a sense of comfort in knowing/understanding that these days are truly numbered and it's better to be free of stress than daily worry.

For some time now, I've watched some of my closest friends succeed and I've applauded their successes whilst looking in the mirror and wondering why I've remained passive when it comes to doing more with what I've been blessed with in life. My desires as outlined above aren't unattainable, they simply require me moving from a place of comfort, into a place of effort.

You see, I've grown tired of my lack of effort and the lack of effort in others who want 'more' but settle for far less. I suppose, I don't verbalize too much to too many people and that's simply to save myself from embarrassment should I not attain a verbalized goal. The transformation of oneself is the greatest transformation that exists; it's the ability to be honest with yourself and then acting upon what needs to be changed.

At this point in life, I'm not waiting for my parents to die in order to 'come up' and capitalize on their hard work, that mindset is weak. Instead, I'm working on creating a base for myself which my family and friends, who truly care, will be proud of when all is said and done.

Are there any people within your life who challenge you to be better? I have a handful and to those handful, I say, "Thank you..." I hope what I'm chiseling out will be something of note.

It's imperative to want more for ourselves and those we love, the true test is surrounding ourselves with a circle who want the same. This isn't me thinking I'm better than anyone else, this is merely me understanding that the bar has been set and I'm not wasting time seeing what's below it.

Time is fleeting and so are we...

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