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There's A Place

The Byrds released an album in 1965, entitled Turn!, however, the creator/artist Pete Seeger wrote the song in the late 50's. I couldn't tell you if it was the state of the nation or the world that helped the song gain its popularity in 1965. IF I were to ask my "older/seasoned" friends who sang this song, many would simply shrug their shoulders and say something reckless.

There's a certain power with music; one can be lost within their own thoughts and then suddenly be pulled back to 1992 at 8p, on a random Wednesday, when Digital Underground was being played on Power 103FM. IF memory serves me right, I wasn't kissing anyone in 1992, well at least not the person I wanted to be kissing in those days.

In the last year, the world has endured so much uncertainty due to politics and a virus. No, I'm not here to provide my political spin or medical knowledge, I'm just here as a concerned citizen thinking here we go again.

We've heard the murmurs of mandated vaccines coming into play, proof of vaccination being a thing to move freely about, and my personal favorite, today we were hit with the Delta Plus variant coming to a town near you. This is all news which stays on repeat 24/7 for a majority of the population. The way news trickles down to my ears and eyes is typically do to someone telling me what's taking place; I just can't be bothered with the problems of the world when there are over two dozen Champions League matches to watch on replay.

My plan, this summer, was to travel abroad in order to touch places and friends but now it appears that I'll be grounded for two summers in a row. Europe in the fall beats most things here stateside, it definitely beats staying at home and daydreaming about food, beaches, churches, laughter, and the sound of different voices. Who knows maybe it's not all for not, maybe just maybe there will be an opening and I'll be able to slide through all of the nonsense?

THERE'S A PLACE that is tugging at me and hopefully, I'll be allowed to sit quietly within the streets and take in all that come my way. I miss the passport stamps, the fashionable pants, and the airplane ramps! I guess the Byrds were right, "To everything turn, turn, turn..."

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