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There's Something To This...

I made the promise to myself that I will not stand alone either on the shore or in the water, at the beach, if I'm not standing next to the woman I cherish the most. The idea of being a hopeless romantic can seem daunting at times but then there are those moments when I sit back and think that my patience will bear fruit one day and no this isn't a knock against anyone in particular; I know words can be interpreted, read into at times.

I've skirted the topic of love and relationship for close to a year now, however, the time will come, whether within this blog or a book when I'll tell you of past life lessons and how they've helped move me to the point I'm at today, in life.

For now, I'll reflect on the sea and time.

This picture is one which takes me to a place of animosity, a place of regret, simply due to the fact that I never had the opportunity to stand with my father while he watched the sand and tide move in and out to the sea. There are many things which I hold onto, many things which probably need to be resolved when it comes to the child I was yesterday and the man I am today. My parents have always done their best to shield us from the world but now I'm standing within this world wondering what I've missed.

It's strange to recall the little black and white memories and how many have never transitioned into full color. The years have moved so quickly it's as though I'm sitting in sand, which I am, watching my picture perfect moment play out right before my eyes but with other human beings whom I hold near and dear to me. There's something to this, which seems surreal but I've blinked too many times for it not to be real.

Lately, I've found myself thinking the same thing about life, I've found myself pinching my mind to ensure that I'm not dreaming. I'm unsure if any of you have ever gotten lost within your thoughts, I for one have and I find that the way back to center is remembering where things started, not where I was last; the working backwards for forwards trick was never ideal for me..

I packed my film camera and mirrorless camera in my backpack and hoped to fire off one shot of value throughout the course of the day. The idea of preparing for places and moments always seems like a bit of an overkill so I simply find myself going with the flow. Our group ate well and drank well for a majority of the day and I took some shots here and there but nothing stood out to me as though to say, "I'm here, I'm the one, shoot me."

As the day started to wind down, I felt like I'd let myself down a bit by not being more on top of this camera stuff. Like, why carry all of this junk and noooooot...

The way life works is funny because just as quickly as I was starting to get down on myself for not finding "photo gold", the beach opens up, the birds start to fly, and my buddy and his little guy are the lone occupants standing in the water, without a trace of footprints or other humans around them.

My thoughts were whisked away to a time long ago, a moment of black and white which never made it's way to color. Maybe I'll share the water with someone I adore, then again I might forever just sit within the sand and long for my feet to be submerged, my smile to be shown, and a sigh to be let out as though to say, "You're here, you're with the one, shoot your shot."

There's something to this, these moments which keep me thinking there's still hope for another picture perfect memory.

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