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These Days...

Today has felt so different for some reason and I'm unsure if it's due to me being in a place of reflection more today than in days past. I've had conversations which have left me feeling as though I'm maturing which is purely wild to think about given the fact, I'm close to a midlife crisis happening.

It's interesting to feel sometimes isn't it, by feel I mean understanding the weight of all which you let in around you, the pressures of the day and all. My feelings this morning were upbeat and warm because I fell asleep within a place of comfort with myself.

For most of the day, I've been in a zone mentally and I'm unsure why I was waxing so eloquently as well, perhaps the Blarney Stone decided to kick it's powers into overdrive for me. In all honesty, I had several exchanges today which left me thinking/feeling as though, I'm not as lost as I think I am more often than not.

I'm searching for creativity and finding that it's searching for me too. The easiest thing for me to do is to keep my eyes open to what's before me and not pay attention to whatever lies to the side. I'm a rather simple person who views the world in a complexly simple way. Does that even make any sense, yeah I didn't think so either.

The adage that patience is a virtue rings true however I'm finding myself running out time these day, thus slowly running out of patience as well; the road is long though and maybe just maybe I'll get out and stretch this mind of mine.

It's amazing how many songs I've known from the 90's until now, it's doubly amazing that no one has told me to quit singing yet too. All I want is for someone to join me, whilst we wail out some randomness on this road of life.

THESE DAYS are moving quickly...

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