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These Days...

I often forget there are a handful of people who follow my words and are intuitive enough to capture their energy. The days have moved so quickly and the years are now starting to feel blurry, as well. There are so many ties to why photography and writing are so important to me; I was born into a family that has always been focused on the development of words and how we as kids view the world.

My earliest memories are now black and white memories but still memories nonetheless. It's within these memories, I've written, from time to time of moments which have shaped my life. The files transferred from the back of my mind and processed through a now aging CPU, are a mixture of both darkness and light.

Last week, my father explained that he had found an old album that contained hundreds of memories. As he began to text me some of the pictures, he'd discovered, I began to understand just how quickly time moves.

We can measure time by many means however, it's difficult to grasp it all until our timeline is in frame. A simple picture of well established man, with his first born son isn't something anyone would stop and think twice about yet here I am wondering what was being said to me.

My father has always been proud of me and to be fair, I've been equally as proud to be his son. There are no parents under the sun, that are perfect; parenting is a trial by error or as you go sort of thing. I'm unsure how people raise children, to me it's terrifying thought, and all sorts of other adjectives but the same holds true for those who simply put there heads down and attempt to do the best that they can in life.

I have entered my forty sixth year of existence and it's in this time that I find myself attempting to hold on to my parents for just a little while longer. There are no memories being added, for retention, by my mother, her storage bank is full, my father is still firing but his system is a little older, though still strong. I'm unsure if my siblings are cataloging these times or not.

Perhaps I should tell you all that my energy is low and my spirits are as well; time can be heavy and it can be light. In the end, wherever you are within this scope of life, please remember to hold fast to the times which have shaped us, all the while ensuring your present files are being created in color (with a hint of black and white).

THESE DAYS burn fast...

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