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These Nights...

The days now move faster it seems and the nights are a mere reminder that darkness only last but for a few hours. It's my fault that I sit at home and wonder why I'm lonely or bored. In all fairness, to myself, there isn't too much that I would do if given the chance to run around this town of mine. This understanding is what causes me to think that maybe I need a change of scenery within my life.

For far too long I've wanted to see if my eyes and talents could make it in a market that has far too many competitors, all vying to be noticed. My "problem" is that I don't care about notoriety as much as I care about quality. The reason people interact with me whether in the real world or within a social media setting, is due to the fact I remain relatable and trustworthy. There hasn't come a time in my life, in which I've thought of paying to have more Instagram followers to push my "brand".

Over the course of time, I've heard countless stories of how other cities eat up the nice person and how competition is often fierce. Meh, the person shooting on their Samsung S28 or their iPhone 17s Max Pro Por Vida (with 16 cameras) will tell you that they've cracked the code to success and it's all found within the number of likes they receive.

I want my parents and friends, to be proud of me; if I'm being honest, I want to be proud of the work I'm producing too. The days have moved so quickly and so have my thoughts about what this noise is about, the noise that silent but loud. When I speak of 'noise', I'm referencing the need/want for validation.

The truth is I'm always one step away from deleting my social media accounts but then the connection to friends who live abroad will be "lost". I'm sure a vast majority of people don't wonder about what I'm seeing/doing on a daily basis. The only times people truly make it a point to be overly friendly is during festival season (I'm laughing).

Young Guy Pose - Sis C.

When family asks if I can take pictures or do something creative with them or for them, I try to do so wholeheartedly. I mean why bother with something you enjoy, if you're not fully invested in said thing?

The change of scenery that I need is moving from my exercise ball and desk, to moving in the streets. I have no idea why my mind doesn't run when I have my camera in hand; it's as though the world slows down and I'm able to see things before they happen. Does it bother me that many of my friends and some of my acquaintances use other photographers instead of me? The short answer is yes, especially when they hit me with the "Oh, I forgot you shoot too...." Thanks Betty, don't hit me in the fall for your leaves on the ground picture that has been blown out for the last five years (I'm not bitter much).

THESE NIGHTS are special, when they take place. The expectation(s) which I place on myself are great because telling a story through a picture is important to me. At the end of the day, telling someone to smile because a camera is pointed at them seems a little outdated at this point... "Hey, smile, say cheese...." (rolls eyes)

The magic is made the moment I show up and look the muse dead in their eyes and ask them, "Bruh, are you ready to have a good time? I mean this might be the best thing you do all year". My nephews have grown tremendously over the course of the ever fleeting days and nights and I forget this many a times; nonetheless, it's within the fading light and brightness of their eyes and smiles, I'm reminded that I'm in the right city doing the right things, with the right people. The days are moving, let's see if I do the same... Forward not backwards.

Bicep Gains - Sis C.

We miss 100% of the shots that we don't take, my goal is to be better and hopefully push myself a bit more. I don't have process to put on YouTube or IGHTV. When you see, just ask me if the nights have been gently/kind.

Peace and Light, y'all.

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