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This Decade

It seems as though this decade was due to start in two hours or so from now; however, it's set to end in literally two hours or so from now. The adage, "Time flies" is so apropos when describing just how quickly ten years has flown by us all who are still around to recall all of the twists and turns.

I started this decade in my early thirties and I'm set to enter the next decade in my early forties. In my mind, I'm going to ensure that my forties are the new thirties and so on and so forth if I'm granted more time on this planet.

One may ask, "What has changed over the course of the last ten years" and I'd be forced to sit back and think for a moment or two and then say with excitement, "EVERYTHING"! Let's be honest, if nothing changes within a ten year span, were you even alive to begin with.

In September of 2010, my house was robbed and I was quickly made aware that materialistic positions carry less weight than memories and being present within a moment. I think within this decade, I also became more aware of my surroundings and the people I called friends.

I've been blessed with the ability to travel and see things which many people dream of seeing and promise to themselves that they'd one day see, IF. The highlights of travel have been Paris, Switzerland, Peru, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Egypt, and Ireland just to name a couple of countries.

Now within these travels, I've also had the opportunity to make friends with some individuals who will remain friends for life (no timetable on my departure, as of yet). Yes, yes, it does take a community to allow the right type of friendships to flourish and the community which I'm a part of isn't growing by numbers per se, as much as it is growing by the desire of us to remain intentionally within our quest for the proper foundations.

This decade taught me to use my voice a bit, though I still don't speak up nearly enough, I am have found that when I do, people tend to find value in what I'm attempting to convey. Well, quick note to self... convey more moving forward.

I've picked up the camera and shied away from the pen, towards the end of the decade, only to pick up my fingers in order to learn to write again. My accomplishments needn't be broadcasted because my ego is interesting to say the least (IF you know then you know).

As we move forward into 2020, there are zero resolutions set for myself; I'm hopefully waking up to an alarm, some mass texts, and a couple of intentional messages (maybe a black heart and an emoji).

My message is simple, "KEEP SHOOTING" in 2020.

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