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This Dude...

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I imagine we all have that one friend who's dope as hell but doesn't stick their chest out for the world to know just how dope they truly are. You know that one friend who sees colorways and sends you a text to let you know that there are still pairs available in your size. Wait, wait, you know that one buddy who designs stuff for fun is always saying things like, "Just let me know and we'll make it happen".

Yeah, I have few of those friends within the circle but the one homie who has remained a true tinkerman is my buddy Mando G., ol' Mr. Plan In Progress himself. I can't tell you when when we crossed paths exactly because it feels as though we've been friends since childhood.

There those we call friends who we'd do so much for and then there are those who we'd give the shirt off of our backs to. I need to be careful with that sentence and sentiment because he probably fits into a couple of my shirts and I know he has been eyeing my fits for a second.

I'm a shoe guy/fashion guy and he's shoe guy fashion guy too. His wife is VERY patient with us when we're in the same place probably due to the fact that she knows she's dealing with two grown ass kids! We sing, we crack one liners, we reminisce, we ponder, but most importantly we appreciate the time we're allotted to create.

Plan In Progress is a design, really a mentality Mando came up during his days on the campus of Fresno State. I didn't know Mando during college days but what's wild is some of my closest friends remember the PIP and within recent months have hit me with the, "Yo, that's not the same PIP from Fresno State days is it..." I mean I don't know about you all but there is something special in knowing a local celebrity. It's all fun and games until we're trying to eat and then someone is trying to take a selfie with him.

Tinkerman - Nemi

I brought my camera along with me, during a recent hangout with THIS DUDE and his wife. I know, I know, surprise surprise! As the light was fading and we were finishing dinner, he decided that I needed to peep a store I'd never been to in town. To be fair, I don't venture out to stores or really out to places which are new per se. It's hard to tell if I'm getting old or if I'm really okay with being anti-social. Yes, I love people but in the same breath, I don't like too many people.

There is one thing that holds true though, I love shoes and this guy knows that I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to fashion! Here we stood, him telling me that I needed some Nike Blazers in my life and me thinking about the four pairs that I don't wear already.

IF our friendship were to be summed up in a couple of pictures, it would be of us rocking some colorway Nikes, wearing Plan In Progress 5-panel hats, draped in dope t-shirts, whilst standing in the middle of a crowd (we're probably making duck noises and his wife is shaking her head).

I'm grateful for the bond, I hope we live to be old men, who remain fly in the eyes of the youngsters around us!

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