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This Feels Like...

The last month has basically been a blur; to be completely fair to the reading audience, the last two months have flown by at a rather alarming rate. On Dec 9th, 2021, I woke up and asked myself if I wanted to remain unhappy at work. I had another job opportunity in hand but I needed to make a decision of taking the first step out of my comfort zone.

In typical me fashion, I picked up the phone mid morning and informed my manager that I no longer wanted to work for the firm. Of course he acted surprised and offered me the ol' "I had big plans for you" statement but in the end he knew I was serious.

It's interesting what pushes me to make the moves I make. I mean, I was the guy who sat within a dead-end relationship for far longer than I needed to, simply due to the fact that I thought I could save someone else, all the while I was drowning by the weight of said someone else's issues. The moment bait is cut, a weight is lifted and new life ushered in, it seems.

Well, here I am, three weeks into a new work life, actually, a new life altogether. This year marks my 25th year within the finance industry. My resume, now, includes some of the bigger names within the banking world, names which are synonymous with everything that's wrong with banking today. I'm not one to drink the juice and I've been blessed to maintain healthy tenures with past companies. It was always the next step that felt better than the last.

Over the next five years, I pray that I carry my weight and accomplish the goals placed before me. THIS FEELS LIKE a chance to change my world and with it a chance to continue to step in the right direction.

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