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This World...

This world is made up of colors which are greater than black and white

Colors which glow pure

When held properly against the light

This world we live in is slowly fading away

So are we

Thus why we must hold on to today

Love only in the present

Because tomorrow some might be dismayed

This world holds the moon and the sun

The forest and the sea

The stars in the sky

The birds in the trees

It holds you

In turn it holds me

This world has trillions of eyes

Some which show love

And some which despise

So how is it, I see my reflection when I look inside of yours

Are you my world

My rock

My soul

The only voice that can console

My broken thoughts

We no longer say, "I love you"

We say, "I like you a lot"

We no longer take time

Due to the fact we forgot

There are no hands moving around the clock

So instead we're sucked into phones which Tik Tok, Tik Tok

This world is meant for us to take it all in

The goodness we're given

Forgive us of our sins

The lessons learned from our losses

The feelings of our wins

We're supposed to remember the kisses

How they created butterflies from within

You are my world

My soul

My rock

For without you

I might have forgot

That nothing happens for naught

In your silence

I seek shelter

I seek comfort

I seek shade from the coldness of THIS WORLD


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