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Those Who Shine...

I found myself hoping that I would come across something special, whilst walking through the plaza. We do not have areas like this back at home. Actually, our city leaders used the word "revitalization" and didn't do anything other than line a few pockets and rearrange the same tired businesses which were struggling before monies were granted for the creation of new blood in our downtown.

My heart isn't in this place, I live here but I rather be anywhere else these days. No, that doesn't make me a "hater" as much as it makes me a realist in my mind. I mean why should one act satisfied when in fact they're unhappy? I'm not satisfied with a lot these days and this dissatisfaction has led me to become recluse, far more than I'd like to be.

The places where I do find a sense of peace are the places in which light and life appears to be present. In the mix of business professionals and everyone else, I stood quietly, observing the movements of people. It's within these movements, I noticed that we're a generation of zombies. I'm laughing but not laughing. Seriously, though, people by the hundreds walked by each other without looking up to acknowledge each other, acknowledge the fact that they'll never get these moments back. The worst thing that can happen when interacting with another person is having them look you dead in the eyes and say, "Hello..."

Side note, the doorman across the way, had his eyes on me. Maybe it was the hoodie or maybe it was the fact I was just standing there without any cares in the world, observing people? Well, to be fair, there was also a musician crooning to the left of this picture and I was bobbin' my head slowly.

These days are yielding so much insight into how I feel both physically and emotionally. There is change on my horizon and I'm grateful things are falling into place (rate of speed does not matter).

I applaud all THOSE WHO SHINE within the haze of this world.

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