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Thought That Counts…

Earlier today, I received an email from a former client of mine. She wrote, "I thought I'd see some of your photography on display, here at the fair".

As fate would have it, we ending up speaking on the phone, a little later, and she went further as to tell me that she and her husband searched an exhibit in attempt to find my photographs.

It baffles me that others think I rate, my art rates. More often than not, I trick myself into thinking too many things.

Early this morning, I found myself restless around 1a. I had gone to bed hours before but for some reason I was awakened by who knows what exactly; the issue was I was awake.

These moments tend to spell trouble, due to the face, 1a quickly turns into 4a/5a. My thoughts danced through a dark room and I walked downstairs, out the door, and towards my parked car. I wasn't ready to drive aimlessly about but I was ready to find some peace within my favorite space.

I sat quietly and listened to the random cars speed by, I heard a train, sirens, and most importantly I heard my heart.

A few weeks ago, I found myself in front of a mirror. There was no one around other than me and said mirror. For some reason, I felt as though this was the best time to capture the essence of who I see in the mirror.

The final outcome is someone who is perpetually hidden. In the end it's artistic and me within a nutshell.

The fact my client remembered any of my work is touching, because it's always the THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

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