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Time And Space...

Yesterday, I found myself in a space that wasn't unfamiliar to me. For much of my life I've grown up in the raisin capital of the world, Fresno, CA and for much of my life I've endured the constant jabs of "Where the heck is Fresno". During the course of my time here in the Valley, I've also had people tell me that I should look to move elsewhere as the small-town feel didn't seem to fit my personality. As flattering as that sentiment can seem, the reality is this town has helped to make me much of who I am today.

We're not living in a world in which we can see the disparity that effects so many minorities when it comes to the way of life. I used to turn a blind eye to things because I never thought that they had anything to do with me but then years ago, I noticed that I was different, simply due to the color of my skin. This isn't a post about racial injustice; you can go to the news for that, this is a piece more along the lines of finding peace within an ever changing climate of chaos.

As I stood within this vineyard, I couldn't help but think of how far I've come and how much further I still have to go within this journey of life. The way I think is elevated at times by how high I am in the sky, planes, daydreaming, and drones. IF I'm being completely honest, my thoughts are typically random and in the clouds, given that's where my head usually rests.

TIME AND SPACE have allowed me to find myself for which I'm ever so grateful; the human side of me is feeling the need to be somewhere else. Perhaps, I'll spend a little money and venture to another place where people will ask me where I'm from, there's something special about that too.

In the meantime however, I'll keep my head in the clouds, both thoughts and dreams. Maybe you'll join me there, only time will tell.

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