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Today Was Different...

I've taken thousands of pictures over the course of my photographic journey but none of my father and me. He dislikes the camera, his appearance, his smile; I dislike the camera, my appearance, and my smile. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree it appears and at times I'm grateful for some similarities and sad about many others. There is something to be said about being the first born in any family, let alone the first born son. The expectations heaped upon me, came at a very young age and they've yet to dissipate. I spoke of apples and trees but the reality is my father is stronger and far wiser than I can ever dream of being.

My parents reach out to me often and those moments are always special. It's almost strange for a few days to go by without some type of exchange taking place between us. I could sit here and tell about the first text I ever received from them or even some of the voicemails I've saved along the way.

This week has been challenging but fun. For some reason, my niece decided that this was the week she was going to hangout with uncle; she's three going on twenty three. I'm not sure what snapped but for two hours, I was the cool uncle who she wanted to hold hands with and sing songs too, not to mention play the guitar with.

The phone rang this morning, whilst I was driving about our city being busy with work and it was my dad. We both questioned if we'd spoken with each other the day before and then we began to laugh at the fact that we both couldn't remember if we had or not. Again, I speak with my dad often but TODAY WAS DIFFERENT.

As we spoke, my dad asked questions about work and life, he even asked me if I was dating anyone these days. His questioning caused me to pause and think for a bit. It was the first time, since maybe 2006 when I told him exactly where I was at in life and with love/liking. I was honest and within my honesty, I found myself sad, sad in the sense that I felt as though I've missed a few chances in life.

The strength in my voice gave way and like the gem of a father he is, my father stepped in to provide me with a sense of reassurance that everything is fine. In retrospect, I'm a bruised apple, one who is...


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