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Touchdown Jesus...

I often use the word 'life' when thinking about the time we're given on this earth; the times that we're granted an opportunity to laugh and then those moments we're allowed windows to cry. I also think about how family units are structured, units which stick close together and those that are loose in every aspect of the word.

I'm tired and I pray my words find strength, this evening. For over the last forty years and change, I've struggled with what a family is supposed to be, outside of the unit that live close to me. I can tell stories about the lone aunt, within my life, who has sacrificed so much of her time and love, I can write to you about grandparents that I have no recollection of, and cousins who do not have the energy to pick up the phone.

Tonight, however, I'll write about bonds which I've been allowed to witness, by simply remaining present. There aren't any uncles within my bloodline who I'll venture on any trips with, none who have taken the time to instill any sort of concern/value add to my life. It's sad to write but at the same time, powerful to think about when all things are said and done. My family is made up of strong individuals from what I've been told, the problem is their individual accolades now read as past accomplishments within a present time.

My want for family has led me on a magical journey of sorts, the type of journey, where friends pick up a mantle and become family, the type of journey where their family fills the missing crevices left by dried bloodlines. I've had the opportunity travel the world, attend sporting events, concerts, etc., with family that's not blood.

The thought of scratching items off of my bucket list is something that used to consume me. The truth is, I've done more in my short time on earth than most and for that I'm observant and grateful for the opportunities presented and accomplished. My journey is a mixed bag of so much randomness.

Earlier this summer, my buddy talked about his uncle's favorite team being the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He mentioned this being a bucket list type of moment for his uncle but secretly for him as well. As he painted the impact that a moment like this would have on his uncle, I thought about how much of an impact it would have on me to quietly capture their time together.

Again, photography has changed so much of how I see life. Things are now captured with my eyes before they register with my brain. It's not something which I can explain easily, instead, I snap a mental picture hoping to follow it up with pressing the trigger on my camera.

I could wax on and on about my first trip to Chicago, I could could write about the food seen, the Cubs, or for that matter, I could write about the sights and sound of South Bend, Indiana and the campus of Notre Dame. The reality is we all fulfilled a few things on the trip.

TOUCHDOWN JESUS brought Notre Dame their first win of the year and my camera captured a memory or two.

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