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Well Look At That...

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I'm unsure if this picture was taken leaving the Denver International Airport or Salt Lake City; I just remember the sky begging me to take my camera out of my backpack in order to capture the view. It's always funny to sit and attempt to recall what moments of creativity and emotion cause me move.

Life is often a blur and I have this ongoing policy not to focus on the past too much, though I fail miserably from time to time. There are past hurts which haunt me and leave me thinking, what if, but then I'm snapped back into reality and remember that things take place for a reason.

In my book, Sun Spot Stains (shameless plug if you still haven't picked up that offering), I reference the topic of never speaking about love because it's something I've come to know very little about over the last forty four years and change.

What if love were like the window below, how many would find beauty and how many would simply lower the curtain?

The truth is, now more than ever WE has humans need to look outwardly at the beauty which exists and is available to us; yes, yes, this world can be a dark place, however, I for one believe that light can overcome the darkness if enough lights are shown. My idea of love is coming from a place which isn't fully jaded, my experiences have been limited interactions and for that I used to be resentful, now I know it was meant to preserve my childlike heart and mind.

Through the window, I see so many stories which need to be told, I see so many hearts which need to be touched, through the window I see hope that beauty does exist. The truth is, it's up to each of us to take a look at what it is we want to see, it's either darkness or the light, no in between.

Love is a complex word, some run towards it, some run from it, some hold it close, so keep it hidden, some do not want the responsibility of bearing it, and some ask for more than they can carry; in the end it leads us all somewhere, if not a love of the masses, then at least a love of self.

The last few months have caused me to slow down even more than I tend to do, the events of the world have allowed me to refocus my attention on what matters the most, what causes me to smile, what causes me to frown, what causes me to be at peace, what causes my heart and mind to race.

The truth is I'm here with love to share despite the last thirty plus years of heartache and personal pain. Who's looking through the window, who's ready to embrace my fears, flaws, light, and questions?

The truth is I'm here... Love, I'm here, just say when, I'm always right here.

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