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I'm really unsure how many words have been said

I'm unsure which words were live and which have been left for dead

I'm unsure which words were created whilst my body laid in bed

Surely dreaming

That is if dreams are a sure thing

I've dreamed of warmer days far away from here

Though closer to you

I'm unsure if today you've closed your eyes

And an image of me materialized and my smile came into view

I'd call this daydreaming

I'm truly unsure if it's better to be planted here on dry land

Or run towards the waves

As they crash and break the sand, today

At times I'm unsure if I should remain seated all day

Even though my watch instructs me when to stand

The damn thing instructs me when to breathe

Yet it never provided any instructions on when it was safe to leave

So I've remained seated, unsure of myself

Yesterday, I thought I was broken

A lost token

A relic to times gone by

A lone bird who never learned to fly


Now this man, which some see

Still has the ability to jump and climb into trees

In order to see the world which slowly floats by

It's amazing the smallest details which capture my eyes

I'm unsure if patience is a virtue

Or if Rapunzel had long hair

I'm unsure what truly matters

Or for that matter, who really cares

I'm unsure if I'll call you later

Means you'll ever receive a call at all

I'm unsure if pride really comes before the fall

I'd like to think it's bad timing

The stumble and fall

Bad timing like being on the wrong end of a call

Bad timing like being to early on a curveball

Bad timing like air-balling a shot because one didn't have the nerve

There was time still on the clock

Bad timing like chocolate chip cookies that aren't cooked through

Bad timing like being too late to...

Its been some time, since words danced around in my head

I was unsure if I could convey the right words which often times get left on read

My heart is sort of an inbox

And in this box there are a few drafts

No sents

Nor received

I'm unsure if here is where silence is meant to feel like the breeze...

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