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Wedding Day(s)...

This photography bug has gotten a bit over the top and I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe, I've learned a thing or two along the way. I'm constantly geeking out to new concepts, technology, and ideas. My want to be great has an expiration date which I set earlier this morning, in my head at least.

There are hundreds if not thousands of photographers within my city and they each offer something unique, I'm sure, something borrowed, and something blue. Social media doesn't help at all either because those who aren't good at all, are gassed up by their friends and family. This reminds me of what my buddies used to say years ago, "Don't make a wack rapper, think they're good".

Perhaps, I'm that wack rapper, i.e. photography who has been allowed to maneuver in a world not meant for a person such as myself. I've yet to buy likes/friends on the Gram, much like I've failed to do in real life. My interactions are mostly quiet, as I want my work to speak for itself. I'm concerned with quality and not the hype!

As of late, I've felt slighted for various reasons but there's still a hunger that drives me to continue to hone in on this craft. This life stuff is always a mindset, in how we approach obstacles, challenges, etc. There are times when I trick myself into giving up on far too much but then I remember how blessed I am for all of the situations I've found myself in over the years.

I do live a charmed life and I'm grateful for all that I've learned and still have yet to learn. Most WEDDING DAY(s) make me nervous, I double and triple check gear, in order to make sure I'm not the one who causes others to frown (I mean I'm a photographer, I need smiles and open eyes).

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