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When Did We Grow...

I'm unsure how much longer I have left

How many more sighs before my last breath

There's no threat of death

Now that I understand

I've been dying since birth

Each day is a rehearsal

To the end of a beautifully written song

In between the leaves, she leads

Beckoning me to dance

Underneath the old oak trees

As she holds out her hands to me

Her hands which are warm like summer

Yet refreshing like the rains in spring

Within the stillness

I can hear my heart sing, melodies of yesteryear

For centuries we've lived in fear of

Fading into the light

When did we grow old

When did we shed our youth

In order to touch our souls

No one knows

And how is it an angel is here

To carry my soul


Allowing all of my fears to roam


When it's time

Bury me, underneath the old oak tree

For there we can both

Grow old...

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