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Where'd You Go...

The road starting winding before me, when I noticed I'd made a wrong turn somewhere and I'm not one to really adventure into the wilderness solo, so there I stood with camera in hand, contemplating my next moves.

This year hasn't afforded the chances of being out in the wilderness and enjoying nature as in years past, however, it has reminded me that it's okay to slow down and still within the moment or moments at hand; it's within said moments, beauty and peace are found. I'm searching for something I've lost along the way and hopefully I'll find it sooner rather than later.

I've come to a point in which I wished I hand the hand of another to hold, I can feel the days growing shorter and the cold beginning to set in, more often than not. There seems to be something calling me up ahead but I do not want to go it alone, I do not want to find perhaps a treasure, all alone. I can hear my friend, Shawna, telling me that I'm a hopeful romantic; the "problem" is I'm not romanticizing.

A few months ago, I published my second book, entitled Letters To Flor. The book was a journey from childhood to adulthood, it referenced people who are important, seasons which are pivotal, and it also outlined time and how it's always moving. It's interesting being vulnerable and sharing what isn't commonplace to most.

The truth is, I'm standing right here in the middle of the road waiting to see what the light will do, waiting to see how the shadows will dance. Perhaps there was a reason I lost my way and ended up here. The road before me is new, the road behind me takes me to places I've been to in a previous life. IF you don't see me for some time, just know that I was heading in this directions, feeling the warmth of the sun, and dreaming of the possibilities which lay off in the distance.

When asked, "WHERE'D YOU GO...." all I can say is, "I'll let you know once I get there".

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