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Where There's Smoke...

I've really amazed myself this last week by completely revamping the way space that I call a bedroom and office; lawd knows, I've needed to grow up a bit and by goodness, I think I may have started the process this week. IF someone would have told me a year ago that I would be thinking of barn doors, desks, and giant exercise balls, I would have given them my best Nacho Libre "You're craaaaaazy" voice but here I am dreaming of separating work and life.

Look, I've even purchased speakers, set up a 43" monitor, computer stands, and even a phone stand that sits on my desk, which I'll eventually take my ZOOM calls on starting tomorrow. Who have I become?

Don't mind me, my head is in the clouds and the world is soon to be on fire but WHERE THERE'S SMOKE it doesn't mean there's trouble. I pray that this is all just the start to a wonderful time within the days I'm given. I keep referencing being in the Now and here I sit, not overly worried about what's next.

Too many times, I've found myself pressing/chasing tomorrow; today, I'm going to enjoy these marshmallows and maybe just maybe a sappy movie.

I think my parents will be impressed when and if I get these doors up in this room, shoot, I'll be impressed!

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