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Who Knows...

At the end of the day, who knows what tomorrow will bring. We all have aspirations and wants for tomorrow and then there are those who only want a little pool time and laughter for today. Man, when did we all grow up and forget these moments of serenity? The idea of paying attention to the heart of children is something so underrated and pivotal for our growth as adults.

We as a society have stripped away innocence and replaced it with online shoot em' up games and iPads! Even as I stand here today, I wish my friends were still up to playing catch outside for an hour or shooting baskets for two, I'd gladly ride a bike to the corner store in order to grab some candy or a slurpee. You know what, I wish I could walk home from the office with a girl I like, I mean we'd talk the entire way home, while brushing shoulders and smiling at each other from time to time.

Her: "It's crazy, I felt so liberated when I finished the email and hit send knowing that no one will reply, now you have to tell me what the best part of your workday was, don't hold back".

Me: "Ummmm, most people act like they like me but then I hear them talking crap about me through the vents in building #2. I mean one of the managers sent an email about my attire yesterday and we don't even have a dress code at the office".

In all honesty, when did we lose sight of our youth, was it when the bills started showing up, titles had to be reached, cars had to be purchased, dogs had to be groomed, or was it when we became too mature to laugh at the very times which made us who we are today? Who truly knows, I'm merely wondering why things are so heavy for so many now, when the alternative to our burdens is as easy as taking a step back and getting lost within the smiles of a child.

Life is beautiful and cruel, I say this often and I say it with so much belief that it's only a matter of time until we're gone from this earth, so why waste it being upset or overly sad.

One of my nieces recently told me that I'm her favorite uncle, HER FAVORITE UNCLE, that's huge because she knows I'm the real deal, bar none; however, within that moment of her telling me this and hugging my leg while she gushed with happiness over her proclamation, I looked down at her and wondered who's going to make my little angel cry, frustrated, afraid or break her heart. Obviously, we can't slow down life or shield these little munchkins from the inevitable but we can get on their level and remember the days of our youth.

Who knows, these very moments of laughter and smiles might be the difference between our failure and success. I'm not disillusioned to believe that every day is a party, I'm also not too mature to think that it can't be.

Hold up G, lemme grab my snorkel and fins... It's going up on a Tuesday!

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