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Word On The Streets...

I'm not sure how most uncles take to their nieces and nephews but I hope I'm within the "Cool Uncle Group". My family dynamic is interesting to say the least and I'm probably not involved as much as I'd like to be, simply because these littles ones are managed in a way that will keep them out of trouble later on in life; I mean let's be honest, no one wants a two year old reciting lyrics to Frank Sinatra or Frank Ocean, then again, Louis Armstrong or Mos Def.

In all honesty this post is really meant to poke at my brother who insists that his kids shouldn't be placed out in the open for people to view; there's a part of me that wonders, greatly, in how me made it this far in life given the fact he was probably one of the cutest kids ever placed on earth, many years ago.

My nieces and nephews are never paraded on this site or even my Instagram, their names are never shared, and their dental records and blood types aren't hanging on the walls of any pubs I frequent, as well. So why the problem, I ask?

I'll be honest, I think my brother is a bit naive in many areas but I'll start with the one area I know well, ME. People often laugh when they find out that I'm in fact the oldest out of the kids, I tend to point at the fact, I'm pretty simple and carefree so maybe that's why I've been able to preserve myself a bit; that's not a knock saying that my brother is weathered. It's more of a knock saying that he's not as cultured though he gets a pass with the few Punjabi friends he knows; I know a few as well but who's counting.

A few years ago, during Father's Day, no less, my brother went on a bit of a tirade about the friendships I hold, he spoke so flippantly about business dealings and who I was as a person, that I sat back for a moment and thought about just how far removed we are as brothers, let alone friends. "Your friends smoke weed and drink", he said, "You have other friends making money while you're doing their legwork", he continued and then he hit me with the ultimate zinger, "You're not a photographer, you work for a bank". IF you could only see my face right now, for any of you who truly know me, there's a wry smile which I've been wearing for decades on end, when I could unleash this tongue of mine but I choose to sit back and let others talk. I dated someone who told me often, that my actions were passive aggressive but she missed the fact discernment was the tactic I was using because lord knows my tongue is sharp. We can all meet fire with fire but that sort of mindset is counterproductive.

Over the course of my brother's existence/migration to that of adulthood, he has benefitted from me helping to pave the way for him to get his feet through many doors; it's funny how we forget at times, so it's with these words I hope to help him remember a bit. Maybe he'll remember it was me and my friends who allowed him to tag along with us to play basketball at Pilgrim Armenian, long before he acted as though I wasn't standing on an empty pad waiting for a gym to be built in the 1990's.

I'm not one who cares about notoriety and or fame, I think that once someone becomes famous within their own mind, they end up going against what brought them to a place of stardom and in that I've always moved to the beat of my own drum. Now, truth be told, my drums don't bang like Kanye Drums but there is a certain rhythm which has attracted many to befriend a simpleton such as myself and in turn place their outstretched hands towards all in my family, too.

If I were to talk about the makeup of my friends, I would share with you that there are therapists, doctors, social workers, professors, dentists, engineers, teachers, police officers, accountants, photographers, moms, dads, and others which make up my circle of trust, well, there are also those who smoke weed and drink alcohol sprinkled in there too; Jesus did come to save and not to rebuke per se but I digress, my scripture references are fuzzy. My friends are a branch of me and without a few of my closest friends, I'm unsure I'd be sitting here today at peace with the person I am and still have yet to be.

This isn't me airing out family business as much as it's me airing out the fact that I'm really not a bad dude, I mean given the fact that I like to travel, take pictures, and lay low; maybe if I had my hands in more things and was trying to be all things to all people, I might rate a bit better, oh yeah, if I didn't associate with those who drink or smoke weed, I'd probably score a bit higher than the better, too. I think in Proverbs somewhere it talks about wine being a mocker, I'm not a wine guy but my brother is however, I'm not really a Bible guy too, as stated earlier, so I'll leave it to him to send me the Bible App verse, just in case I'm off with the Proverbs reference.

Back to his kids and his kids alone, it's unfortunate that they'll more than likely be sheltered in a manner he never was or maybe I find it unfortunate that they'll only call my name in excitement for a few more years and then ask why I'm not around too much. "A yoooo, Bird (I call my niece Bird, yes, I'm terrified of them but she's cute and tiny so Bird works) Word On The Street is I'm not someone who's of quality, someone that you need in your life, someone who will protect you, but do me a favor and take this record and give it to your pop, tell him to checkout the track Real Friends, Kanye shares some gems I can't truly articulate within 37yrs of brotherhood".

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