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You Want To Try...

I was at the driving range today and turned around to find my buddy and his step-son quietly standing and watching me send golf balls every way except the way they were meant to travel. My place of peace is found on the range, even if I'm hitting the ball five feet in front of me.

My buddy's step son, is my guy! This little man is on his way to ten years of age next month. I really have no clue where time is running off to as well. This kid isn't a sports kid at all, granted he'll go to a baseball game and eat all of the goodies without batting an eye.

Today, I asked the kid, if he wanted to swing a club, to which he responded, "YESSSSS" to. I'm not one to force children to play sports but I'll always heavily suggest if the moment calls for it. The moment was now and the kid didn't disappoint.

Perhaps, I found my weekend driving range buddy, too bad he can't drive a cart yet. Either way, always remember to invite others to participate, even if you feel as though you don't have the energy to.

YOU WANT TO TRY can go a long way...

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