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  • Nemi

Blind Spot

So I'm looking in the rearview

Wondering what images are going to come through

Simple silhouettes can't do

I want the image to simply be you

You seem so close but then again you're far away

I need your smile and face to brighten up my day

When I close my eyes, I can hear you say, "It was nice to see you today"

|Rearview Hope| - Nemi

I don't know how many times I've looked in my rearview mirror in order to make sure it was okay to change lanes. Perhaps it was night before last when I paused, for the first time, and thought about all the things which I've passed up, all the things which have hidden out of sight in my blind spot so to speak.

Here I am, a simple man that is viewing himself for the first time. Who am I, where are my fears hidden, are they close, are they far, where do my dreams reside?

Sometimes I wonder if the things which play out in my head will ever come full circle, manifest themselves and become tangilbe; I wonder if boy will find the man in the mirror, less Michael Jackson of course, even though I like that particular song.

Let me digress but for a moment. What do you see, do you see the moon, the sky, the trees, do you see the color, the streak of light, do you see yourself, do you see me?

In the end, if you look closely enough you'll see me and I'll be as close as you need me to be.

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