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The Club

I've learned a few things in this life and in the game of golf. It takes focuse to play both well; a lack of focus can leave one desiring a better score on the links or placement in life

There is a status piece to being a member at a country club. Rarely, have I heard of the benefits of paying an initiation fee or playing with others, however, far too often, I've felt the familiar glow of ego emanating from members

A former client of mine son'd me two weeks ago and it seemed as though he was almost too embarrassed to acknowledge that I'd somehow broken into his place of... (Yeah fam, I know I shouldn't be here too but look at us, who would've thought)

The person who invited me is a gem and I'm grateful that he was the one who turned the key and opened the door, so that I could enter a place above my pay grade

Mind you, I know dozens of people who live within this unnamed community, dozens of people who play golf and let me know about it

I've told myself that these are my last days of a lot of things, primarily feeling as though I can't do something because of money

The club is cool and all BUT....

Did you happen to see just how nice of a day it is in the picture 😊

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